An Excellent Birthday Present

An Excellent Birthday Present

While I do appreciate all of Seymour's efforts to give me a (mostly) kid-free day today--Honey, I'm afraid you got trumped by the architects' calling and saying that we've been given permission to submit our housing plans to the county for design review!

Now, to many of you that last sentence probably made as much sense as Charlie Brown's teacher's voice, so the short version is that--after nine months of delays--we are back on track with our house plans. This house thing--in which we have enough room to move about freely, and in which Leelo has his own space to do his own thing without the rest of us having to hide downstairs--could really happen, after all.

I'll be in an even better mood tonight after Seymour takes me out to dinner. Actually, honey, give me a few drinks and we'll both win.

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