Busy Being Busy

Busy Being Busy

Tuesday is our BUSY BUSY day. Seymour drives Leelo to school so that I can drive Iz and Marys to Big Noggin, which lies in the opposite direction.

Then I come home and put all the cram-energy I can summon into tidying the house, except this morning I had a meeting down at the district in which the SpEd department and I are still trying to figure out how to get Leelo's home program (i.e., Supervisor M and Therapist L) funded without a lawsuit. So the house isn't really clean yet and I had to take care of a number of Leelo meeting-related calls and email.

At 11:30 I pick up Leelo and he and Mali and I do our grocery shopping. Which today will consist of finding out how many russet potatoes we can cram into the grocery cart without burying Mali (she sits in the basket while Leo mans the seat).

12:30 is Speech Therapy with Sage.

1:00 is Leelo's home program with Therapist L.

1:45 is picking up Iz and Marys for early release day, with a possible donuts detour for poor Marys--she got the shit scared out of her this morning on our driveway as she walked over, when our neighbors' big friendly dog hopped the fence and wanted to play, not knowing that Marys has a large dog phobia. Her screams were what her announced her arrival, poor dear.

3:30 is when Therapist L leaves.

4:00 is Marroqui's arrival, at which time she will attempt to clean our home. The place will get put in order before then, somehow.

5:30 is Sushi Tuesday, with Jo and girls. Right? Seymour should be joining us at 6:30.

7:00 is an Iron Gate meeting. I think I might have worn out my laptop's welcome, and perhaps will palm a copy of Castle Waiting instead. Maybe I'll bring a flask, too.

10:00 All done!

P.S. I am hating Ecto right now (notice lack of tags). Almost every time I try to publish I get a "secure connection failed" error. Anyone else seen this happen?

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