Friends Helping Leelo Learn

Friends Helping Leelo Learn

My parents are staying with us for the weekend, so they can pick up their scrumptious and wiggly and hopefully not too incontinent puppy.

My mom is outright astounded by Leelo's progress, and I have to admit that I'm seeing big changes, too. He is calling peoples' names to get their attention--spontaneously--and asking them to do things for him: "Grandma! Time to do the bears!" (translation: "Please sing that song about the bears for the sixteenth time.") He hung out with my mom for at least half an hour, singing songs with her, snuggling on her bed, and being calmly social. He also had an eye lock on her the entire time. I spent much of that same time misty-eyed.

Though such lovely, fluid, facilitating social behaviors are increasingly spontaneous, his achieving them was not. He and his team and (to a lesser but still very enthusiastic extent) his family have been working extra hard on this specific skills set, and that effort is paying off. But he could still use more practice.

To that effect, my dear darling Jersey Girl has suggested that we set up a Generalization for Friends and Family training party:

I've been thinking about Leelo and know he has a
talented team that thinks of everything, but since I
am 3000 miles away and have no clue about the real
details of the daily goings on with the Rosenbergs I wanted
to throw in my thoughts. Is it time for a pizza party
(Sewerage/The Hole) with your closest adult friends only
that's a training by Supervisor M on how to facilitate

You have such close friends in your
life who spend (or at least I think they do) lots of
time with Leelo who might need a "booster shot"/initial
education on how to sustain a social interacion. It
surprises me for example, that people don't know what
to do next after Hello or a hug. Your friends love you
and him and would love to know! And see him a lot.

Some of your friends might think they are bugging him
by doing this, or stepping over the line, or feel
uncomfortable with themselves for not knowing what to
do etc ... But all that can be discussed and I'm
guessing you already have.
[Erm, no I don't think so.]

Perhaps a big part of the "training PARTY" with
Supervisor M at this time is to get it on the minds of
your friends as a priority. Back on the front burner.
Like me taking my kid in for her 7 yr check up finally and
now trying to get in 3 servings of calcium a day.

My logic here is a) go for the gusto NOW while he is
in a spurt!, b) you are blessed, for obvious reasons,
with lots of friends, and c) my heart says go Leelo, go.
(okay no logic there -- all heart -- Izzy would

All thoughts for Leelo's sake and the Rosenbergs.
Again, from too many miles away. In other words, you
may have all this covered. But I owe it to Leelo to let
you know my thoughts. And in this case it's so easy.
Love to you and yes, it's time to send you pics of my

JG, I love you right back.

Supervisor M is on board. Locals, let me know if you'd be interested. Did you see where JG said that we had to buy you pizza?

Anyhow, I am with JG. Go, Leelo, go!

P.S. Leelo put on his own shirt today; it was his first time ever without me helping in some way. The t-shirt ended up backwards, but I'll be fucked if that is anywhere close to the point.

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