Jo Spanglemonkey vs The Hospital

Jo Spanglemonkey vs The Hospital

Ep and I went to see Jo today and brought her a big stack of comic books, which she said was about her current speed. Buffy, Finder: Talisman, Y: The Last Man, etc. She was nose-deep in Wonder Woman vs. Batman when we left.

Her dad had arrived from his blizzard-beating trek from Colorado moments before we got there. She seemed relieved to have him around. I was relieved to see him, he was giving her gentle grief and being very lively and cheery.

She is GRUMPY because she wants to eat and her doctor hasn't gotten back to her nurses with the go-ahead for anything non-popsickly, gelatinous, or brothy. She says she never wants to see any of those fucking food types again as long as she lives (which, thanks to the results from her surgery will be a LONG TIME). I am going to call her tomorrow morning and see if she's gotten the green light for solids, at which time we will sneak in some chilaquiles from The Cafe.

The hospital has wireless in the lobby but not in the patients' rooms. So, she doesn't see the point in having her computer and is staying in the pen-and-paper analog world for now.

She does seem good, vicodin'd up though she is. Lovely Jo.

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