A Holiday Tune Just for Leelo

As requested by Patty, inspired by the special needs family Christmas carols currently percolating through the internet.

Let Me Stim, Let Me Stim, Let Me Stim

(To the tune of "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow")

Oh, the holidays are coming
And that means that I'll be bumming
Unless you can go out on a limb, and
Let me stim, let me stim, let me stim

It's my favorite way of coping
And it calms me so I'm hoping
You won't feel the need to look grim, just
Let me stim, let me stim, let me stim

When it's finally time for bed
Please don't make me give up my green straw
Or I might never go to sleep
And all of your nerves will be raw

I'm not hurting anybody
Though to you I might look nutty
Don't you folks have a tree to trim??
Let me stim, let me stim, let me stim!

-Squid Rosenberg

Merry Christmas from Leelo's house to yours.

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