But Before I Forget

Two Izisms that would have had me rolling on the floor if I wasn't driving at the time:

1) I gave Iz one of those "Real Live Baby in Utero" magazines that OB offices hand out. It contains photographs from the moment of conception on down. The last montage is four beaver shots of a vaginal birth. Iz's reaction upon seeing this: "What is that goo all over the baby? Ewwww!"

She was totally unpertubed by the baby's head sticking out of the grimacing lady's bum, and instead wanted to talk about the waterproofing role of vernix. I think that's fabulous, and lends support to the argument that if you introduce these subjects early on, they get catalogued in the child's interior "facts" file. The mystery is dispelled, or at least moderated, years before the schoolyard whispering and hooting begin.

2) "¡Atención!" says Iz.
-"Okay, what's up?" says I.
-She says, "That's a cognate of 'Attention'."
-I say somewhat archly, "Really? What's a cognate?"
-She says, "A word that sounds like, or means or is spelled the same as a word in another language."
-I say, "Oh."

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