Seer Badger

Somehow Badger knew that a fucked-up day was coming down the pipe.

Not enough that I am already so completely tapped out, mentally and physically, that I kept falling asleep during Leelo's team meeting.

Not enough that the cat peed all over the bed. (See below)

Not enough that Leelo is snorfly-sick and had a unprecedented complete meltdown this morning, necessitating much mommy-only soothing and cooing and watching of Dorka the Explorker before he'd agree to resume his sessions.

No, the powers that be decided that in order to make this day really special, I needed an unannounced, overnight visit from my parents' friends and their motorhome. My parents' fundamentalist, we-have-been-saved-and-there's-hope-for-you-too, dinner-expecting friends.

A bit of backstory: These are the same people who are irked with my pilot brother for knocking up and then cohabitating with yet not marrying their granddaughter. The same people who I guess have never heard of consensual sex.

I so want a stiff drink.

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