Thinking Fast

With all the therapist vacationing and schedule conflicts going on lately, I've really had very little time to do anything. But it's probably good practice for what's coming.

I'm not just talking about the bambino, though that'll be interesting too. I'm talking about the schedules and school requirements for the two kids we've already got.

I did realize that Iz's school liked people to help, but I thought it was all voluntary. Like hell. We had to sign a contract stating that we would help the school by volunteering no fewer than two hours per month. Gaaaaar! I don't yet know if this is in addition to the individual teachers' volunteer requests.

Then there's the homework, and the book reading (discussed in La Escuela post below). Many extra hours. Dammit.

Leelo's school requires me to work in the classroom once per week, attend two three-hour evening meetings per month, and put in 12 hours of maintenance hours per year. I knew this coming in, as Leelo attended this same school two years ago. I figured it was manageable, because I didn't know how much parent input was required by Iz's school. Damn it all.

I am seriously missing Iz's "hand them your check and drop kick your child at the door" preschool. Sure, we'd get corralled for the occasional project, but nothing like the kind of needs either of the kids' present schools have.

Not to be outdone by myself, I've signed Iz up for both a Karate and a Ballet class. Normally I am a big one to scoff at people who sign their kids up for art and gymnastics and horseback riding and tutoring and soccer and piano and ballet and origami and acting all at the same time--but she has been bugging me about these classes for some time now, they are offered cheaply and for eight-week-only sessions by our local fabulous Parks and Rec dept., and I figure she might as well do it now--once the baby arrives she won't be doing anything except school and tutoring.

And of course there's Leelo's home ABA schedule, plus his once again rearranged speech and occupational therapy schedules...ooooh, my head hurts.

This probably reads like a big ranty complaint, but mostly it's an exercise in showing myself what exactly it is that I've signed up for for the next few weeks. Clarifying and reminding. Wish me luck.

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