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Hopefully this will make up for that last "click and keel over" inclusion. But that one is still my brother's fault (the pilot brother).

This new one was sent by Seymour, and is quite representative of why I chose to live with someone of my partner's temperament rather than remaining with the brotherhood of hyenas.

Get your geek on!

Have been feeling quite shitty lately. Was mostly a lump at Jo's excellent end-of-summer playgroup yesterday. Came home, went to bed the moment Seymour walked in the door from work, and didn't wake up for 11 hours.

I have been self-diagnosed with a UTI. Even better, my doctor agrees. More conveniently, she agreed to phone in a prescription without seeing me, on a Saturday.

UTIs in pregnancy are bad, bad, bad. If they start creeping up to your kidneys, then your body (which knows nothing of the conveniently located downtown dialysis units) will decide that it needs those already-overworked kidneys more than it needs the baby, and will initiate uterine contractions with very little provocation.

I've already been on a two-month pregnancy bedrest (with Iz). I won't do it again. So I'm off to the pharmacy to pick up some antibiotics. This will be the first drug--besides three or four medicinal cups of coffee--that I've taken during this pregnancy. So far my research has uncovered that this drug causes occasional problems in pregnant rats given 68 times the regular human dosage, and very little effects otherwise. I think the trade off is worth it.

Seymour has been watching the kids all day. He has made no fewer than four solo outings with the little beasts--including both breakfast and dinner at restaurants. I am grateful and proud.

Going to get that prescription, and then lie down.

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