Well, not really. I am thinking more along the lines of putting Scabby in a box and leaving her on someone's doorstep.

Something is going on with that cat. I am not sure what, but after dispatching the futon she has taken it upon herself to now piss all over my bed, too. The door was in no way closed, and there haven't been any major upheavals in the household of late (kids over, furniture moved into a different place, etc.).

I don't have the time or energy to elaborate on why she is far more work than a cat should ever be. And this from me, who wants to drag home every cat I ever meet and has sat up with Scabby all night many a times trying to figure out what's behind the piteous meowing.

I love her but she is the most neurotic fucking cat I have ever met, and her cute, snuggly, tribble-like qualities do not in any way compensate for nine years of this crap.

And, no, I'm not really going to do anything with her. But I was already having a crapworthy day.

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