Just Like Pulling Taffy

Just got back from the monthly trip to the OB. All is well. Our feisty little bit even gave the good doctor a "piss off!" kick while she was trying to find its heartbeat.

This is apparently the "so, about birth control?" visit. I told my doctor that I'll be getting my tubes tied, since Seymour has a phobia about sharp things and his reproductive organs. She whipped out the paperwork, and I signed.

Then she described the procedure: while I am still in the hospital post-birth, she will make a small incision in my belly button. She'll just reach in, pull each tube out through the incision, and tie it off. Yummy. I wonder if she'll let me watch.


Seymour is away on a mountain biking trip and Leelo is having an inexplicably fucking loopy day. I have very much not gotten used to our new and improved Early Riser schedule (Iz has to be at school across town at 8:10). I am frustrated and sleepy. Have a good weekend.

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