The Fun of Being Leelo

One of the good things about Leelo's morning therapist being on vacation is that we get plan all sorts of fun that we haven't time for otherwise. For instance:

On Monday, he visited a really talented pediatric dentist. One who was able to get his mouth open long enough--despite the screaming and flailing--to do a thorough visual exam. Our boy's got good teeth. No visible cavities. This is probably due to the mostly sugar-free diet he was on last year, and the fact that he still eats very few sugary foodstuffs.

Since the dentist didn't see anything amiss, she opted to postpone his first cleaning for 6 months. I prefer her approach to that of the previous pediatric dentist we consulted, who basically threw his hands up in the air and said that if we wanted our son to have a decent dental exam, we'd have to sedate him.

On Wednesday, Leelo got his right ear tube plucked out. It was hanging halfway out anyhow, according to his ENT specialist. (Not something one could see without an otoscope.) If the other tube doesn't come out by October, she's going to pluck it, too. Apparently if they're left in there too long, they can cause funky scarring.

On Friday, he got to visit the chiropractor with me. They chided me about not having visited for over a year. Surely these people understand that, for people like me whose insurance companies laugh at chiropractic claims, coming to see them is not something I do on a whim. One session with them is equivalent in cost to one of Leelo's speech therapy sessions, so guess what choice I normally make. However, I am getting worried about how this last trimester will affect my back, and am going to try to make regular visits. It'll all work out somehow.

Today, Ep, Leelo and I made a lazy trip up to, around, and down the coast from The City. We stumbled across/drove through the Feesherman's Wharf area, which I hadn't been to since I was 15. It looks no different. Leelo celebrated our journey with a big barf in the car. Hurrah! I think he might have swallowed too much pool water at the party yesterday.

Poor little guy. This is what his life as child #2 has always been like--Mr. tagalong. Very few of our destinations hold fun or excitement for him. Good thing our home has both of those things. And poor #3--it'll only get worse.

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