Oh, Poop

Seymour and I were having a quiet moment together before the house awoke. I heard, and Seymour saw, the pants- and diaper-free Leelo as he trotted past our door and up the stairs, but as we were disinclined to get out of bed we figured he'd be fine for two minutes.

Oh no. Seymour went up to get him after those two minutes had elapsed, and there was shit everywhere--on the couch and the carpet. Thankfully the floor was relatively clear of the usual piles of books and toys, so the mess could be handled with sponges and our much-abused steam cleaner.

Since we try very hard to be optimists, I am pleased that he's showing awareness of his bodily functions. I believe he took off his drawers because he needed to do his business, and didn't want it in his diaper where he'd have to sit on it. So, yay. But double yay when he figures out that it's best placed in the potty, not on the floor and his legs.

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