Leelo's Preschool Goals

Here is what we hope Leelo will be able to do at his preschool, as summarized by Supervisor M:

1) Greetings: When people greet Leelo hello and goodbye, he will respond with a greeting. He will also spontaneously greet people when he sees them.

2) Sharing materials/toys: Leelo will ask for a turn with a desired toy, and give a toy to a peer when they ask for it.

3) Attend/respond when called by name: Leelo will look up when someone calls him, and will respond with a "yes/no" or other appropriate response.

4) State his needs and desires in simple three to five word sentences.

5) Observe and imitate simple actions by teacher and peers.

6) Sit in a group activity for three minutes.

7) Begin to follow simple, repetitive daily routines.

8) Follow simple one and two step directions.

Preschool starts September 13...

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