Autistic Children Do Not Usually Point At Objects or People

Iz stopped being a blonde today. All the final blondie bits were chopped off this afternoon. Now she is what uncharitable folks call dishwater and I call caramel blonde.

Leelo got a haircut, too, as he was starting to look like he'd borrowed Pedr0's wig from Nap0leon Dynamite. But since he couldn't sit still I'm not going to post a picture--he looks like mice chewed on his head.

Iz had a great time at the salon. She noticed her stylist talking in Spanish, and so conversed with her in Spanish for the remainder of her stay. That is the first time Iz's ever initiated a Spanish exchange. The stylists all made much of her fluency, then crowed about the great big book she was towing, all of which made our girl feel pretty good about herself.

The great big book was of course HP4. She is at the very end, and I kept getting accusations thrown at my head all afternoon: "Mommy! Cedric Digg0ry does die! I don't think it will be appropriate for me to see the movie as it will be too scary!" "Mommy! You didn't tell me that Mad 3ye Mo0dy is a D3ath Eater!" (Me: "Keep on reading, Iz.") etc.

Reading the HP series has had a tremendous effect on her imaginative life. I've been given a detailed report about each school day this week--except the school is H0gwarts. She is in Ravenc1aw rather than Gryff!ndor ("because I'm SMART") but longs to be in the latter house.

Also she has hooked up with a 3rd grade HP freak (thanks, Badger, for making the connection) and is pleased as punch to have someone to geek out with.

She seems to be turning into a kinder gentler version of herself, somewhat. This evening as Seymour was getting ready to leave on a four-day bike trip to Tahoe, Iz bounded up to him and presented him with a homemade card that read "I love you" on one side, and "I will miss you" on the other. I'm sniffling just thinking about it.

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