More Leelo Goodies

Two days ago Leelo refused to put on a diaper when Therapist S told him it was time to do so. Instead he got his underwear--and then put them on himself.

Today, after spilling some rice milk on the counter, he demanded to Babysitter A "I want a towel." When she got one for him, he not only cleaned up the mess himself, but put the towel in the trash. My theory: our boy has been observing us closely for many many years, but just now is realizing that he can imitate us without us prompting him to do so.

Also he has spent the last few days serenading everyone on his kazoo. He can "play" a lot of his favorite songs, note- and pitch-perfect. We did have him put it away in the dim sum restaurant, however.

Seymour is back. I am so incredibly fucking grateful. Even with all the help I had from friends and Cece and Marroqui, my day light down/alone totaled less than one hour, and that included taking a bath. (This morning's bath I took with all three kids in the bathroom with me--Iz reading on the pot, Mali trying to climb into the tub, and Leelo playing with trains on the floor.)

Iz is now on HP5. Which is great, because--unlike the four previous books--I've read this one recently. The ending of HP4, in which B. Crouch Jr. was sentenced to a Dement0r's kiss, prompted a capital punishment discussion.

She thinks, in her playground justice way, that sentencing murderers to death ("No, worse than death, Mommy.") is totally fair and logical. I am trying to help her understand that, in my opinion, those who do the sentencing become murderers as well. More debates await, obviously.

Mali was an extra-good baby at today's Music and Dance of Mali concert. When she wasn't nursing, she was standing up and rocking. No fussing or wrestling. She particularly liked the Northern/Rai dance number at the end. Iz, cousins, and friends were very impressed by the gorgeous costumes, and by seeing so many talented kids their own ages.

Badger has left her camera at my house. Heh heh heh heh heh.

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