Mali Milestoneses

(I blame Lea for my adding -ses to the end of all nouns.)

Mali sprouted her first upper tooth today. That seems to have put an end to the endless baby grumping, and our cheerful chatty bundle of grins has been returned to us.

She is also cruising for real. Oh lord.

She still hates almost all foodstuffs, except carbs and milk fresh from the tap. Good thing all those Attkkins stores went belly up, they wouldn't be getting her business anyhow.

She is a systematic fucker-upper of all things orderly. All books within reach come off the shelves and have their pages torn out. Every item comes off the art cabinet shelves. All items in reachable drawers are extracted and distributed in random piles on the floor.

Leelo and Iz never did any of this crap--I checked my journals. This one's going to be a firecracker.

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