We were all five at the cafe this morning. One of Iz's classmates came in and sat at the next table.

Iz: "Hi, Lex. Are you still reading HP2?"
Lex:, "Uh, no, I'm reading HP4."
Iz: "What chapter are you on?"
Lex: "Uh, six."
Iz, in Aha! voice: "EIGHT!"

She then turned to me and started protesting that merely asking someone about chapters doesn't mean she's being competitive. Sigh.

We got them to talk a little bit about favorite characters and parts, but both were too interested in going back to their books: Iz another f***ing G00sebumps (which IMHO is the reading equivalent of the G0lden Arches) and Lex Din0t0pia.

In her defense, this boy isn't the most socially enabled creature around. Kind and pleasant, but definitely reserved. She'll need to get her HP shared universe fix from someone else.

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