Pat the Cat Peed on the Mat

Our cat Pat is by far the handsomest cat around. This makes up for the unlikelihood of his ever being invited to join the feline chapter of M3nsa.

Last night Pat snuck out and got in some sort of altercation. The kind that woke up both Seymour and me at 5:30, and had my hardy partner running around the yard with a flashlight until Pat was located under the porch stairs and then relocated inside.

This morning Pat showed difficulty going up the stairs due to stiffness on his right side. This afternoon the eyelids of one eye will not close (though his nictating membrane still works). He did not appear to be injured after his brawl, and in fact he'd taken to peeing on any papers left on the floor the day before that. Which usually means he's not feeling well.

The vets didn't have an appointment available today, so we're going in first thing in the morning. When I called up to get the appointment and described his symptoms, the vet assistant said, "Oh, that's NOT good." Please think good thoughts about our dim yet dashing boy cat.

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