Heroes and Assholes

Badger is my hero because she's putting her butt where her mouth is and heading over to TX to help out Katrina's victims.

Floyd is my hero because he's on his way there, too. In his official gov't role which I can't reveal but please trust me when I aver that many, many, many peoples' situations will be made easier once Floyd (TLF's partner) is on the scene.

I consider them both my horcruxes, my spiritual stand-ins. I would be tagging along in a minute if I was in a different life situation. Somehow, knowing that good strong real people are putting in their time makes me feel less helpless.

I also feel less helpless when I support the following two charities:

  • Rainbow World fund is shuttling 100% of designated donations to Katrina relief.
  • Noah's Wish is helping out the animal victims of this disaster.


Then there are the people who are so clueless and heartless, so lacking in compassion, that words fail me. I'll link to their own materials/words instead:

Witness our First Fuckwad, Laura Bush, opening up her yap and letting us all peer into the gaping echo chamber that is her brain case:

Update: my bad, the first link is Barabara, the second is her daughter-in-law/inheritor of privileged indifference and callousness.

Then there's Unbridled, Misguided, Myopic Hate directed towards subjects that are none of anyone else's beeswax in the first place:
The Vision America conference

Did I mention that these people were assholes? Assholes.

Which reminds me of the best bumper sticker I've seen recently:

When Jesus said "Love Your Enemy,"
I don't think that meant "Kill Them."


Okay, that's it. Back to blogging about the kiddlings.

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