Nerves of Steel. Extremely Frayed Steel.

Mali has discovered separation anxiety! Today while in the Iron Gate Nursery she screamed so long and hard that by the time they came to get me she was shaking from the effort. Poor mite. She is loud, too, so I could hear her the entire time I was already stressing from doing the Iron Gate mega-multitasking mambo.

The day had already started with a bang, as Iz's school called me to come pick her up after she vomited all over her desk. Ep was kind enough to come stay with her while I went to my annual dermatology spots check (I remain spotty, though still not in a malignant way).

Turns out Iz barfed because she'd drunk OJ on an empty stomach. I do not think this was entirely unplanned--Iz has been telling us how much she loves it when they have a substitute, which was not the case today. After I returned to find Ep and my daughter taking a stroll on our street, I booted the latter's little butt back to school, where she was fine and arrived in time to participate in class pictures.

Leelo's been a bit loopy lately (he's been sneaking sugar and simple starches), but continues to come out with incredible language, and demonstrate new skills. This afternoon he pulled up his own pants. Not vertically, like he usually does, but while laying on his back, with his shoulders and feet on the ground, and the rest of him in an inclined position. Cool!

Tomorrow (Tues.) is the week's big logistical party. Should be even more fun.

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