Mali on the Move

Five days ago Mali had a visible baby epiphany: If there is something exciting happening in a place where she is not, she can negate the not by crawling over and joining the fun. She has assumed control of her own location.

I saw the lightbulb go off over her head while I was tidying Leelo's and Iz's bear cave room. She sat up, blinked twice, and then determinedly crawled right down the hall and into the bathroom where Seymour, Iz, and Leelo were having their nightly bathtime splash-o-rama party. To much applause and cheers!

I'm still adjusting to having a smaller-than-Leelo-sized mite in the home, so it is particularly odd to witness such a tiny person moving about, and so deliberately.

She is starting to get interested in books. When she finds one on the floor, she opens it up right away to paw through its pages. Or perhaps chew on them, or try to rip them out. I might even read one to her, one of these days. Poor little thirdling.

Leelo is starting to resent her less. I swore I saw him try to give her a kiss this afternoon, and he keeps giving her little gifts (Pez dispensers, etc.). The two of them are even playing together a bit, sort of. Interested in many of the same toys and such.

Iz is done with HP2; she is well into HP3. I found out that one of her grademates is just about at the same spot in the series, and so have been encouraging her to talk with him about some of her theories and questions: Why are there only Head Boys? Why no Head Girls? Does that mean that girls don't get to be head students? I told her that in my opinion we've simply not encountered any of the Head Girls but that next year we will: Hermi0ne. She seems reluctant to talk to her schoolmate. Perhaps she's hoarding her ammo for Eliz's return from Hawaii.

She has also been reading crapitty-crap G00sebumps books, checked out from the school library. Turns out she was introduced to them at Satan's Tennis Camp this past summer, where they also let her watch What Ab0ut B0b?. How those two media items were determined to be in keeping with their ultra-Xtian agenda, I can't even fathom.

I have retaliated with more Tin Tin and Encyc1opedia Br0wn. Thing is, she won't choose between them, she'll just read them all. Sigh.

Maybe I can get her to start reading to Mali.

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