It Is 10:00 P.M.

And Leelo is still popping out of bed every 60 seconds.

Even so, I am unwilling to strangle him, because look what he came out with today:

I want to dance with Mommy! (Takes my hands and tries to get me to boogie down.)

I want Mommy to fall down! (Meaning he wants me to lie on the floor with him.)

Let me play with the trains! ("Let me" is new. We like new. Also we like proper pronoun usage, as that can be a tricky one for autistic kids.)

Where is the breakdown truck? (Possible delayed echolalia, but fuck it, I'll take it. That was a question!)

Also earlier he spied me pouring some lemonade for Izzy, and said "I want lemonade!" clear as a bell. Normally he would say "I want juice." Also, this is new lemonade in a clear plastic jug rather than the usual white plastic carton brand. No one told him that it was lemonade; he must have absorbed the fact that yellow juice is usually lemonade on his own somewhere, by observing his sister drink it.


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