When Data Are Useful


Ooh the irony that today I received a short analysis of almost-five-year-old Leelo's developmental levels from the MYND Institute. In almost every single category his developmental level is between 23 and 30 months. And his 29 in motor skills is only because they mistakenly thought he was fully potty trained.

Here are the scores:
Mu11en Scales of Early Learning (Based on testing Leelo)
Visual Reception 23 months
Fine Motor 30 months
Receptive Language 28 months
Expressive Language 28 months

Vine1and Adaptive Behavior Skills
(Based on an interview with me)
Communication 25 months
Daily Living Skills 29 months
Socialization 23 months
Montor Skills 30 months

Initially upon reading the report, I felt the familiar boot-to-the-gut feeling. But that only lasted a minute. Thing is, I know Leelo's delayed. Every time I meet a two- or three-year old who leapfrogs over Leelo on every level, the fact that he has global delays is made abundantly clear. It is not news.

It is, however, data. I now know exactly how delayed Leelo is. I now have figures on which to base my concerns over placing Leelo in a mainstream classroom, even with an aide. What business would he have being schooled alongside kids who are developmentally--at minimum--two years older than him? What purpose would that serve?

Also the report cannot burst my sunny happy Leelo bubble as most of their data were taken before he began this current phenomenal cycle of language and behavior.

But I really do need to get his placement IEP up and running. Sigh.

BTW, I will put the exact data in this entry, later. However it is upstairs in the dark in my backpack, Seymour is not here tonight, and I made the mistake of watching The Grud6e a few days ago. I'll go back upstairs when it's light.

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