Can I Sit With You? on DeviantART

Can I Sit With You? on DeviantART

I'd like to congratulate Lea Hernandez: her Can I Sit With You? cover art has been named one of today's Daily Deviations at deviantART.com!

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My current personal feelings are bouncing between how I felt when I almost dropped my Intro to Copyediting extension class because of life overload, but instead stayed up all night cramming and got an A on the final and in the class, and the gut-kick feeling of being the primary producer on a software product that shipped with a significant error despite my and my assistants' whipping the software testers until foam dripped from their mouths.

Of course, at the time I did not have children who kept me and Seymour up until 5 AM with their feverish coughing. Poor Mali.

Glad I am not in this alone. Thank you, Seymour, Jennyalice, Lea H., Minnie, Jabberwocky, and you wonderful, fabulous proofreaders.

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