Did Someone Flip a Switch When He Turned Seven?

Did Someone Flip a Switch When He Turned Seven?

Some of the things Leelo did today:

  • Asked to go to the potty. Repeatedly. Even while on the trampoline! No accidents all day, not even spilled water (a frequent cause of clothing changes at school).
  • Invited me to sing songs with him. Asked me to sing songs with him. Many different songs. Many times today. Some songs he hadn't asked for in months, such as "My Darling Clementine" (which he calls "In a Cabin in a Canyon!").
  • One of the main songs was Ram-Sam-Sam. He tried to do the movements! Many of them are a very big deal for a boy with his motor issues, and sometimes he just couldn't get it, but a couple of times when he focused really intensely, he could do the two-fisted barrel roll with his arms! He certainly did a lot more (successful) clapping than I've ever seen him do.
  • Demonstrated a really beautiful understanding of rhythm. He started tapping out a beat on the counter. I started singing an improv song to the beat (some variation on the usual theme of "I love Leelo, yes I do, he's yummy and he's clever and he's squishy too"). He sped up his beat to double-time, right along with the song. Then he switched back to each beat. Then he did every other beat. He kept perfect time throughout.
  • Went back to the (clean) trash can to retrieve discarded straws after being told that no, he couldn't have a new one since the one he just threw away was only five minutes old. Without a tantrum.
  • Demonstrated really really great beginning sight reading with his Edmark program. He does this not just at home, but at school, because he is in a wonderful school in which they understand and accommodate him so well that he not only loves going there but is actually learning.
Lots of unprecedents here. And the happiest part for me is that there was so much interaction and fun and laughing and playing. Not all the time, but enough. I try very hard to let Leelo be Leelo, to try to help him be happy according to the way things are done in Leeloland, but it really is sweet to be able to play with him in ways that come so naturally and easily to me.

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