That God Damn Dog

That God Damn Dog

You know what I enjoy more than going into a book shop and discovering that they are featuring my favorite novel of all time, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time? Telling the clerk that many autism families really dislike said book because it manifests many of our worst fears -- and having said clerk argue with me using the book's literary merits: "But it's such a great story! So well-written!"

Yeah. Maybe. But I asked her if she would tell a cancer patient to read a novel in which the cancer-striken protagonist neither survives nor comes to terms with her new life, but instead dies in several short but painful stages. She continued to describe the book's many wonderful literary features and devices. At which point I said, "Really, what I need you to understand is that people should not recommend this book to families affected by autism." She finally said, "Oh, okay."


Nice start to my vacation. Nicer even than the emergency root canal I had this morning, and which delayed my departure by several hours.

FYI, by "vacation" I mean that I am hiding out, alone, in Point Reyes, while my wonderful mother and her wonderful sister watch my wonderful children. My wonderful husband will join me in two days, and then we'll have our first joint vacation away from the kiddlings since 2002 (since before this blog even existed).

I am looking forward to lots of hiking, lots of uninterrupted finalizing of the CISWY book, and to downloading the premiere episode of Grey's Anatomy so I can see what the hell Ep is always nattering on about.

And sleeeeeeeping.

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