Pinching Self

Pinching Self

We've published the Can I Sit With You? book.

Woo, whew, and whoop-dee-doo all at once.

However, the incredibly talented Jennyalice (and I) are new at this whole "publishing our own book" thing, and need a week to review a hard copy before unleashing our triumph upon the world and forcing everyone we've ever met to buy one as a holiday gift.

If you just can't wait and would like to buy a review copy, please do! We're fairly certain that it looks the way we think it does. But we'll be absolutely certain in a few days.

In the mean time, I'm off to Vegas in couple of hours. Seymour is itching to check out the mountain bike trails in Red Rock Canyon. Mali is much better, so all three kids are itching to hop in their grandparents' new pool. I am itching to sleep, but will instead settle for accepting every single glass of wine offered to me by my generous in-laws.

If you haven't already, go tell Jennyalice congratulations.

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