I put Mali in my bed last night at 9 PM. She asked me for some water, then she asked me for a kiss. Then she put her head on the pillow and I didn't hear another peep from her until this morning.

THIS KIND OF TURNKEY BEDTIME HAS NEVER BEFORE HAPPENED EVER IN HER LIFE. NOT EVER NOT ONCE. Usually our girl simply will not consider go to bed until 11 PM, and even then either kicks and screams for an hour if we don't sleep with her, or kicks us in the kidneys for an hour if we do.

Granted, it was really 10 PM since California is a Daylight Saving state, she hadn't taken one of her infrequent naps, and I didn't even try to put her in her own bed. But it is progress. I am really looking forward to a time when Seymour and I aren't up at 6 AM with Leelo and then still up at 11 PM with Mali.

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