Grey Day

Grey Day

Get ready for grumpy!

I've been sideswiped by a bad cold. Of the "someone is trying to explode my sinuses, I need two wee corks for my nostrils, and the only way to get warm is to boil myself in the bathtub" variety. It wouldn't be so bad if I could curl up in my bed and die, but parents don't get to do that. Sigh.

As long as I'm grouching: apparently I will always approach music as though I am fifteen years old, because my first reaction to watching Grey's Anatomy was, "Is that Psapp? That theme song? But *I* found Psapp on my own! I have to tell everyone that I liked them before I saw this very silly 'It's a medical drama! For chicks*!' TV show." And I am still putting them on our holiday mix CD, so there.

*I have only seen some early episodes, so I don't know if the opening sequence has since been changed -- but I think its juxtaposition of chick lit and hospital imagery is the stupidest fucking thing I have ever seen.

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