Using an hour of free time not to holiday shop or to do good deeds or to spend time with my kids or even drink coffee or get some exercise. No. I am spending my free time declining the two-foot stack of catalogs that piled up during the CISWY crunch period, via catalogchoice.org. Takes time, but ultimately saves everyone time and money and resources.

Re: resources, did you see the sea of roofs in yesterday's Las Vegas photo? Guess how many of those roofs had solar panels on them? Exactly ONE. Sheesh. This disappoints me not just because of the wasted and needlessly rerouted energy, but FUCK, people, where else could so much energy be so free? A/C, it cost money money money. Solar would pay for itself yesterday. Durrrrrrrr.

Fucking Vegas.


BTW, Seymour wrote a nifty short entry for Can I Sit With You? Anyone who has ever wondered why they were supposed to like the same music as everyone else will identify. (I still can't understand why anyone listened to Nu Shooz.)

And I loved the Immigrant Kids entry from two days ago, as it treats Can I Sit With You? quite literally.

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