Jennyalice and I can hardly believe it, but Can I Sit With You? is a real live book!

Final Can I Sit With You cover

We would be grateful if you would order (and tell your friends to order) copies for everyone on your holiday shopping list. The direct URL for purchase is:


Our experience has been that lulu.com prints and ships fairly quickly. Here is their information on holiday ordering deadlines:


We will start doing official promoting (press releases, website relaunch) on Thursday 11/29. We are also starting to plan Bay Area book readings and book release parties, so keep watching this space for more information (and watch the Can I Sit With You? blog for more stories).

I would really like to thank everyone who reads this blog for inspiring me to think that this project could be possible in the first place. You are the ones who got Leelo and his friends the ramp for the Deadwood City School District OT room. You are the ones who rallied behind my friend Amy and sent her on the Sojourn Project. Without my experience and faith that The Blogosphere Would Provide, I would never have dared to ask someone as formidable as Jennyalice to take on such a potentially foolhardy project with me.

Thank you,


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