Good Morning

Good Morning

Good Morning, y'all. *yawn* *stretch*

I just got out of bed. It's noon. I am alone.

Before you throw your computer across the room or try to Facebook*-gift me with a can of whoop ass, consider this excerpt from an email written to a friend last night:
Apologies again for all the delays in setting up Mali's and Zeke's joint birthday party. In the last week I had a Halloween party at my house, held Leelo's birthday party, held a birthday dinner party for another friend, took the kids to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, took Iz and Mali to the Zoo, had a two-part emergency root canal, cleaned the entire house (including 20 loads of laundry) to get ready for my mom and her sister to stay with us, stayed up until 2 AM last night writing out instructions for them to take care of our kids, and have been working very hard on a blog/book project that we're going to publish next week: www.canisitwithyou.org. Also Leelo was home sick much of that time and his afternoon therapist was out for the week. *Whew*
So I am enjoying my uninterrupted view of Tomales Bay while being a big lazy lump.

This is the point where I normally make excuses and start rationalizing my good fortune, but don't you think that every single one of us would jump at such an break, were we afforded it?

What I think my SNK parents friends and I really need to do (those of us who don't have semi-local grandparents who will watch our kids) is start up a Weekend Getaway co-op. We set aside as many weekends of the year as we have members. Each member parent couple gets to go away for one of those weekends. The rest of us will watch their kids, in shifts.


*Today's CISWY story is a wry meditation titled Fake Friends on Facebook.

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