Just returned from Leelo's halfway very successful (the first half) birthday party, at which at least half the adult attendees were going through head-splitting stress (some openly, some not), to the news that Musharraf has suspended Pakistan's constitution and deployed troops in Islamabad. While my brother is in that same city, advocating for U.S. interests. I am not going to tell my mom. I might throw up, though.

Ep and Claud have taken Iz for a few hours. I am grateful to them; I needed the break from her continuous grievances and ungratefulness. Also grateful to Seymour for taking Leelo outside so I can type in peace while Mali works out her post-party sugar- and social-withdrawal by sleeping on the couch.

Update: My SIL called with the news that my brother is safe and sound and under lockdown in his hotel, and that he'll likely be leaving the country early. Fingers crossed. Thanks for the kind comments.

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