Leelo vs. GFCF

Leelo vs. GFCF

I am still wondering about him stopping rice bread/starting PB&J's on wheat bread at almost the exact same time he nosedived and wonder again if it wouldn't be worth having a second DAN! opinion as I always felt a little skeptical about our original Dr's understanding of Leo; I don't think our boy fit the profile of kids he is able to treat successfully. I have heard from more than a few people that DoubleTrouble's dr. operates more intuitively. However if I was to explore the rice bread hypothesis I would not take action until May when by all logical and past data taking and personal experience Leelo should be back to being himself. Seymour pointed out that Leelo takes nasty-ass cod liver oil by mouth and got used to that and we have in the past had successes (trials though they were) in getting him to change his diet from six everyday things to six GFCF things. Perhaps we should just press it. Do the dietary equivalent of Potty Training By Fire, and have one of us take him into a remote cabin where he is offered only one food that we would like him to start eating and nothing else until he starts eating it. I am kidding of course, but I do think if we can get him to successfully introduce a new item to his diet then it will just become rote. And, even though Therapist L has been doing a lovely job working with him to try different foods, I think the biggest push really does have to come from home in order to make a difference.

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