Barfity Barf Barf Barf

Leelo has many nicknames: Stinky, Happiness, Captain Destructo, The Energizer Bunny. He used to be called Mr. Barf, too, because of his tendency to do just that, several times a week, usually in public, and for some reason especially when Ep was in range. It took us a long, long, time to figure out that his barfing was due to his poor little tummy getting continually routed out by antibiotics (our boy's had 15 or 20 courses due to recurring ear infections). Since he got ear tubes in April and stopped taking antibiotics, we've been almost completely barf-free. The rug steamer that we bought in Leelo's honor hadn't been used in months.

Something went wrong today, though. He had two episodes of projectile vomiting right after breakfast, resulting in an ashen, weak Leelo who could barely stand up. I suspect this was due to his new "non-invasive" homeopathic drainage complex, as that was the only change in his diet/supplement routine this week. He perked up afterwards with a bit of watered-down pear juice. Then I gave him some guacamole, by which point he'd recovered enough to angrily try to open my mouth after I took a bite of what I guess he considered to be "his" food. Wasn't quite himself for the rest of the day, but he probably still just felt like crap. Hopefully he'll be himself in the morning.

It was too hot to play today, so I drew a picture of Iz's head. Then I asked her what else I should draw. Here's what she wanted: Herself in a stripey tank dress overlaid by a fairy skirt. Wearing ballet slippers, with bow on her head, holding Gandalf's staff on one side, and the hand of Ermengarde from A Little Princess on the other. Ermengarde (specifically the one from the movie, not the book) holding provisions: a basket of tomatoes, bananas, and grapes for their trip through Middle Earth. And then there's Saruman ("While he was still Gandalf's friend") welcoming the girls to Isengard. She wanted me to draw Sauron welcoming them to Barad-Dur instead, but I can't draw Sauron.

The drawing is on the Leelo and Iz web page: http://www.izzy.com/pat.html.

Isn't she the cutest? Yeah, well, then she came out on the porch while I was talking with a male acquaintance, held up one of my tent-sized bras, and--with the grin of an imp--declared "Mommy, look what I found in your sewing kit!"

Ran screaming from the house to go have scrumptious Indian food with LH and MV (thank you Seymour). LH made me a CD! We arrived at MV's house in the middle of his fiancee's bachelorette party, which included gorgeous mendhi designing and much jealousy on my part. MV's house has an aviary in the back--empty, but just the fact that he can talk about "his aviary" puts him in a different conversational league than most. Must figure out how to visit him more often--not only is he cooler and funnier than me, but he has ton of Viz magazines and anthologies that I haven't read yet. Hmm.

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