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Holy Semolina Substitute, Batman! We cooked a Leelo-friendly (dairy wheat/gluten soy peanut citrus sugar free) dinner last night, and it was delicious. Leelo, of course, had no interest, but we've leftovers to confront him with for a few days. Here's what we ate:

Leelo Pasta & Pesto with Tomatoes
-Fresh Basil
-Fresh Garlic
-Pine Nuts
-Olive Oil
-Mrs. Leepers Rice Pasta
-Tasty Tomatoes

Start to put pine nuts and garlic in food processor. Hesitate upon viewing first pine nut, realize that some are slightly off/old and unless you cut all the individual points off, you should just toss them out now. Curse. Trim teeny points for an interminable period, finish. Blend pine nuts and garlic to toast-crumb consistency.

Wash basil. Start tearing it up and into the food processor. Realize that this is overgrown late-summer basil, and that if you include all the big, tough leaves, you will end up with pesto that tastes like it was made with celery. Curse, seek out all the still-tender leaves (about one quarter of them), put in food processor. Dollop of olive oil, salt to taste, blend.

Toss with diced tomatoes and surprisingly tasty rice pasta from excellent company that donates a portion of its proceeds to autism and celiac disease research.

Offer pasta to your two-year-old son. Watch him fling it to and fro. Curse (silently).

Everyone else in family gets to douse pasta with grated parmesan. Mmmm! We may get the hang of this funky diet after all.

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