Fresh Hot Brain-on-a-Stick

My brain finally imploded today. Did you hear it? It happened at around 5:00 in the afternoon. I took it as a sign from the powers-that-be to streamline my life, and so dropped my Spanish class. Didn't tell Seymour until after I "went" to class, though. He was cool and supportive--anything that makes me less of a harpy-class bitch can only be a good thing for him.

One thing that lit my fuse was yet another ignorant email post to the Moms Club eGroup, this time about how we need to participate in a "grass roots" campaign against high gas prices! For fuck's sake! Here's what I posted in response; quite measured IMHO:

I'm sure our Canadian members are among those who find
this campaign humorous, since they (and most of the
rest of the world) have paid double the
gov't-subsidized U.S. gas prices for aeons.

Come on, ladies. Driving is a privilege, not a right--and certainly not a cause. I've lost all my patience with these people and don't have what it takes to pull the sticks out of their asses or heads out of the sand one by one. Unbelievable that this is the same group through which I met Jo, LH, and Ep.

Further discussion of implosion factors would be intolerably whiny and could cause additional collapses.

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