Again, we are considering doing mercury/heavy metals chelation on Leelo. I've been doing research online, but as anyone who's researched anything web-wise knows, it's difficult to track down non-anecdotal information. Mostly I am worried about all the nastiness of the listed potential side effects of the chelation drug DMSA, which include:

- bone marrow suppression
- increases in tumor necrosis factor
- liver toxicity
- nausea
- diarrhea
- anorexia
- fatigue
- flatulence

Yeah, that's the kind of stuff I want to spring on my communication-impaired two-year-old boy. Need to do more research. Dr. Prattle assures us that all will be fine, but he seemed kind of spacey the last time we saw him so we are hitting the books with renewed vigor. Or I am making Seymour hit the books. Or I am hitting Seymour with the books...

Happy Leelo bits of progress:

Mom: Who is that? Leelo: Cow
Mom: What does the cow say? Leelo: Moo!
Mom: Who is that? Leelo: Farmer.
Mom: What does the farmer say? Leelo: La-la-la-la-la-la-la la la la la la!

Also, if I'm not in the room with him while he watches a video, he will frequently pop by to tell me (with great eye contact) what's happening on the screen, e.g., "Max is jumping!" and then run back to his couch.

Therapist F swears that he asked her an honest-to-god Why question today (first ever):
Therapist F (handing Leelo Viewmaster of African beasties): That's a dog (well, a fennec fox, but...)
Leelo: Why you do the dog? (!!?!??)
Leelo: I want the elephant.
Leelo: I like the elephant

Finally, today was his first-ever facilitated playgroup. Therapist F swears it went well. Isobel was a bit of a non-compliant horror, but I can blame part of that on the blast-furnace heat we've been experiencing.


I wish there was a magic chelation drug to bind and drain all the toxic thoughts in my head. Currently I am amused by nothing, judgmental about everything, leery of everyone and their motives, and very, very tired.

Will admit that Iz and I are getting a kick out of Clan Apis. She's grooving on the whole World Flower concept. And the new Brain, Child arrived today. Rah.

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