Teeny Tiny Steps

Seymour finally kicked my butt down the driveway, around the corner, and up the street. Goal: get my out-of-shape ass on the gorgeous bike I bought on eBay via impulse six months ago and which has since turned into a swanky spider condo complex.

I've been avoiding the bike because it's a really nice bike--pressure. Also, it has clip-in pedals. Seymour said that if other cyclists saw me riding this bike with toe clips, they would reenact the shredding scene from Suddenly Last Summer on me and then offer my bike to someone who deserved it. I am afraid of clip-in pedals--they lock your feet to the bike, so if you're inept like me it's only a matter of time before you fall over in front of traffic and get smushed like a bug. Nevertheless I let him coach me through it, and it wasn't all that bad. Kind of like learning to hook a back-closing bra.

The bike is cool--it's really fast on paved roads. Then again, my trusty old commuting steed was a mountain bike, so any bike is going to feel light and speedy to me.

Now I can ride for an hour in the mornings before everyone else gets up. Bet I won't miss a single day!


Leelo's big step for today: starting to do unprompted greetings, e.g., "Hi Therapist F!" without anyone poking, prodding, or modeling for him. Also, commanding "look at me" almost always gets an eye-lock from him, fleeting but consistent.

Tried to explain to Iz today about Leelo, that Leelo has a condition called autism. Fuck--couldn't do it right, voice cracking, tears welling up (thankfully I was wearing sunglasses). She still just thinks that he "needs help learning how to talk."


Snapshot of how my brain is currently working: Brushed my teeth. Lips got dry, sent message to brain to find petroleum-based lubricant. More synapses fired, lubricant was located and applied. Lips promptly turned numb. Turned eyes on and hey, that was analgesic Neosporin. Good job, brain.


JT from Ghana is here. She is still an absolute delight. She has never been to San Francisco. This is going to be fun.


Sometimes Sitemeter gives too much information, for instance that someone found this site by googling "mom fuck boy." Niiiiice.

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