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Not related to the title: Ep is going on vacation for two weeks. BIG sigh.

Seymour and Iz are back! Hurrah! I'd forgotten just how snuggly she is when she's in a good mood. Apparently her grandparents let her watch super-crappy TV the whole time but that's okay. It's vacation. She mostly did cool things, like take a tour of my pilot bro JD's airport in a golf cart, go nutty at Sea World, and play at the beach. Seymour couldn't find a single place to rent a mountain bike, though, so he was disappointed and we'll be packing one of his bikes next time. I completely friggin' hate traveling with a bike box.

Seymour spent part of the week in LA with his brother & family. Good, smart, hard-working, and pretty folks. We adore them.


Related to the title:
Today we had a follow-up meeting with Dr. Prattle, Leelo's DAN (Defeat Autism Now!) doctor. It went well. Dr. Prattle is really pleased with Leelo's decreases in hyperactivity, stinky diapers, and belly size, and his changeover to the crazy diet. We thought our guy's swollen belly was due to yeast overgrowth, but the good doctor assures us that it was GI tract inflammation caused by food allergies. He also told us get our asses in gear with respect to a heavy metals chelation (extraction) program. He says that mercury affects the brain's speech center, so the earlier we chelate, the better Leelo's ABA sessions and overall communication will be.

Just thinking about chelation puts cracks in my skull, though, because it requires jumping through a series of complicated prepatory hoops. Before chelation, Leelo needs to have a good store of minerals in his body--he needs to have been taking all his recommended mineral supplements for at least two weeks--because that DMSA will be leaching out minerals as well as mercury. But Leelo can't take all those supplements right now--he's sensitive to most of them. In order to de-sensitize him, he needs to go through several BioSet sessions--ideally two a week for several weeks. However Leelo's weeks are already totally scheduled, and the one semi-free afternoon he has available is the one the BioSet practitioner has off. So I'm going to have to talk to Leelo's therapists about him missing the ends of a few sessions for a few weeks. Sigh.

Anyhow there were a number of other modifications to Leelo's Biomedical game plan, all complicated. Cannot believe one little boy requires so much work! Fascinating details below. Meanwhile I'm going to go find that husband of mine, and see if he'll find me more compelling than endless cyber-trawling for bike parts. Good night.

Modified GFCF diet in place
· Sugar/sugar substitutes
· Chocolate
· Lentils
· Peanuts
· Gluten (Wheat, Oats, Rye, etc.)
· Soy
· Dairy
· Eggs
· Oranges/citrus
· Bananas
· Blueberries
Leelo currently eats fewer than 10 foods. Dr. Prattle is okay with this for now, although a rotation diet is still ideal. We will continue to try to introduce new foods. Right now Leelo eats:
o Brown rice bread
o Almond Butter
o Cashew Butter
o Hazelnut Butter
o Whole Foods veggie potato chips
o Whole Foods french fries
o Dried raspberries
o Green apples
o Diluted pear juice
o Guacamole (avocado, raw garlic, salt)

Yeast Eradication Program, Ongoing
· Low-sugar diet in place
· Avoiding antibiotics
· Antifungal regimen:
o Diflucan for 10 days--FINISHED
o Nystatin: ongoing until told to stop
o Lactobaccillus: 1 capsule each morning on empty stomach
o Nutribiotic: waiting for BioSet results to resume
o DGST: ½ tsp at beginning of each meal,

Homeopathic Drainage Complex (Bioset Recommendation)
This complex will help Leelo’s body flush out toxins. Must be taken on an empty stomach. Since the complex is alcohol-based, we should ideally mix the following day’s dose with water, set it out, and let the alcohol evaporate overnight before giving it to Leelo.
· Start with 2 drops/2x day
· Day 3 increase to 4 drops/2x day
· Day 5 increase to 6 drops/2x day
· Day 7 increase to 8 drops/2x day
· Day 10 increase to 10 drops/2x day, continue until bottle is empty

Leelo is sensitive to most of these supplements. He can begin taking the ones marked OK as of 9/13/03. We will work with the BioSet practitioner to desensitize him to those remaining.

OK’d Supplement Dosage Schedule Special Instructions
Cod Liver Oil ½ tsp 1x day Mix with half/half juice
X B6 1 tablet 1x day w/food
X Zinc w/o copper 1 capsule 1x day w/food
X Folid acid ½ tablet 1x day w/food
Selenium 1 capsule 1x day w/food
Mag.Glycinate ½ tsp 1x day w/food
DMG 1 capsule 1x day w/food
Calcium* ¼ tsp 1x/day w/food
MG/K aspartate 1 tablet 2x day w/food
Ascorbic Acid 1 capsule 2x day w/food
Glutathione cream* ½ ml 2x/day Rubbed on lower belly/inside of thigh (alternate application spots)
B12 1 inject'n 2x/week 30 degree angle
DMSA 1 capsule See DMSA section

*new additions

DMSA/Heavy Metals/Chelation Program
· Get Leelo desensitized to all supplements via BioSet
· DMSA dosing cannot occur until Leelo has been on mineral supplements for at least two weeks.
· Must stop taking minerals (Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Mag/K glycinate) at the same time DMSA starts
· DMSA dosage: 1 capsule every 4 hours (XX capsule/day) for 3 days
· At end of 3rd day (or soonest event thereafter) take and send off stool sample
· On 4th day, resume mineral supplements

Biomed To Do as of 9/12/03
· BioSet testing for Calcium, B12, Nutribiotic/Grapefruit seed extract, Glutathione sensitivities
· Order Calcium from Kirkman Labs, 1-800-245-8282 item #036/16
· Get another stool test kit—yeah!
· Get pill smasher for B6, folic acid tablets
· Call/fax Dr. Prattle’s office to:
o Schedule visit near November 12
o Confirm when start glutathione cream
· Work on Special Diets for Special Kids recipes w/Godfather M
· Step up BioSet treatments to 2x/week
o Talk with ABA therapists about Leelo missing therapy to speed along supplements regime
o Call BioSet lady to add more BioSet appointments

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