No, I don't know how to code

Sitemeter. Why not? This kind of wanking doesn't require hiding in the bathroom.

Went to the site. Signed up. Followed the direx for Blogger/Blogspot. Got the cute little rainbow Borg Cube on my page, woo! However, no matter where I put the little cube it truncates my page. Tried putting it in various spots--same result. Although now, if you resize the window, the whole page WILL show up. Help?

Back during The Boom when anyone who'd read the first 10 pages of HTML for Dummies could command upwards of $50 per hour, I used to do this stuff. Low-level mindless help systems work, but yeah. When I'd get stuck back then, though, I could go whine to my webhead spouse.

New favorite Spanish phrase: escuchando furtivamente (eavesdropping).

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