Can You Find The Bitty Borg Cube?

Okay, stuck the cube in the header. Good enough. Inelegant but functional, like most things I'm responsible for.

Moms group eListers spent tonight sending out messages about Mercury Causing Autism! followed by This Isn't Really An Epidemic--The Diagnostic Criteria Have Changed! I choked back some bile and instead composed a nice neat note to the effect that it is NOT a change in diagnostic criteria, yes autism IS a real epidemic, and you all can BITE ME, er, go to autism.org for some real chunks of info.

Was very difficult to drag my arse to Espanol tonight, but I missed last week due to traveling and if I miss one more class I get bounced. What's the Spanish phrase for depressed ass-dragger?

Bad moms meet for coffee tomorrow A.M. at our favorite cafe. Oooh, I need those cocaine-filled chilaquiles and my compadres real, real bad--It's been me, Leelo, and the therapists all week and I am going cuckoo. Hopefully they'll not smack me for being such a twit via email all week.

And ah, yes--we did go to the crazy BioSet practitioner today. it was totally surreal, tired grumpy Leelo was not into it after school and two therapy sessions and made the procedures difficult, but the end result was that he does get to start taking his vitamin B6, folic acid, and zinc supplements. We're meeting with Dr. Prattle again Friday to go over next steps and due processes.

Too tired to type. Miro el DVD de The Two Towers y tomo cerveza! (Just watch me rock on those -ar verbs.)

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