The Talk

This morning as I was driving Iz to school, she asked "Mommy, when I was in your belly, how did I...

(Me, panicking, whuffing...oh sheeit, I haven't figured out what to say yet NO NONONONONO!!!!!!!!!)


Ah. Well. Detailed discussion about umbilical cords and their relationship to your very own belly button. Further discussion about structural similarities in leaves/stems/branches. We are going to look for the belly button spots on some of our deciduous trees' branches, once Fall really starts swinging. Whew.

Leelo is back to being himself. Went up and gave Iz a kiss when asked to do so, and is once again an excitable jumping bean about excite-worthy things, as opposed to just being nutty. Both therapists were pleased. His language was particularly great today, e.g., big spontaneous "I see the truck!" Receptive language (comprehending what is said to him) was better than usual, too--this used to be his biggest deficit.

He is starting to repeat everything we say, and not necessarily just when addressed. Oh boy. I am waiting to see how long it will take him to start telling the whiny cats to Fuck Off, since that's how their requests are met by me.

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