Let the Mega-Dosing Begin!

Today we added B6, Zinc, and Folic Acid to Leelo's daily supplement routine. Not that bad so far, just a few more bottles to open, and our handy-dandy little pill crusher works as advertised. I gave Leelo far more juice than usual to cover the taste of the new additions, though, so he was a nutter for Seymour this morning, and the poor man got all down about the boy's lack of progress.

Thing is, then Seymour and Iz went to the wacky pool for several hours this afternoon, and I hung out with the boy. Who had his alligator and elephant have conversations and then walk around the room together. Who looked at the cover of the new Madeline DVD Iz's auntie sneaked to her and declared "Two Madelines!" Who said "I all done!" when his lunch was over. Who laughed at the funny parts in two picture books we read (unprecedented). Who pointed at several items when asked to do so in a book he'd never seen before. Who followed the directions "put the farmer in his house." Who picked up a block, announced "square," turned it 45 degrees and announced "diamond!" I'll debrief Seymour after he finishes scrubbing the kids, and then hopefully he'll have a spring in his step.

Made an all-GFCF dinner for the family tonight. Of course, Leelo refused anything novel, but the rest of us chowed down on those cod, halibut, potato, sweet potato, and yam pakoras. Oooh, baby, they were good. Don't you wish yourdietary guidelines gave you the greenlight for an all-battered-and-deep-fried dinner?

Leelo's facilitated playgroup starts tomorrow, at our house. The idea is to get Iz involved with her brother in a fun way, so she and her friend R are going to "teach Leelo how to play." Therapist F will be supervising this one. It should be really amusing to see what two four-year-old girls consider good teaching and playing skills.

The facilitated session will lead into our standard Monday playgroup, wherein I guard the front door and yell at all the kids to stay in the yard and keep the hell out of my house (not really, but kind of). My mom friends are very cool about it, they realize I'm two or three steps away from the edge. Amazed that anyone still wants to come over, but I just can't take having my house ravaged yet again after the day's three previous therapy sessions.

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