Critters in my yard today

Tiny, squiggly newts
Brilliant Acorn Woodpeckers
Lacquered ruddy centipedes
Scores of honeybees (anyone want to go into the apiary business with me?)
Basking alligator lizards
Cheery flitty Chickadees
Sassy red-flashing Ruby-throated Hummingbirds
Clouds of wee birds--Titmice? Wrentits? Nuthatches?
Obnoxiously beautiful Scrub Jays
Bounding, acrobatic squirrels by the dozen
Homicidal crows

All totally oblivious to me. That includes fat lazy sun-drunk Pat the Cat.

The quail, deer, and Red-Tailed Hawks must have been having a party somewhere else.

Eerie coyote howls were heard, but the Tricksters kept themselves hidden (although sometimes they decide they don't give a shit, and come walking down the ancient staircase behind the house in broad daylight).

Yeah, the suburbs just suck. They're so fucking sterile.

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