Supervisor M is here today. Forgot about that (like I forgot about bringing snack for Iz's school this morning--whoops). This means that Leelo and I forfeit our one hour with the house to ourselves, as she is currently meeting with Therapist F, and then will stay over lunch to meet with Therapist L. She will probably want to talk with me during lunch. Damn damn damn. I am having a leave-me-alone day.

The probable reason: no coffee. I am going to fall over in a sleepy pile of tangledy limbs if I don't keep moving. If I do keep moving and encounter people, I may injure them.

Found an old idealized self-portrait of me from 10 years ago. I'd completely forgotten about it--I pulled out the just-discovered sketchpad figuring it was blank, and then saw the drawing. Started laughing like a loon. It had my then-hair (buzzed to #2 with spiky bangs, oh the joys of being able to wash oneself from tippy-top to bottom with a bar of soap), and my tattoos, but a big theoretical backpiece (map of world inside elaborate cartouche), a big theoretical ass, a theoretical (i.e., extant) waist, and long theoretical legs. Ha! And a random dog drawing.

Leelo is almost better. No ear problems so far. Fingers crossed.

Iz has a big henna design on her left hand, of The World Flower. She sat almost still while it dried, so it is almost perfect.

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