Yeah, you wish you were me. Guess what I have to do to get Veronica Lake hair? Put in a little bit of gel, and then remember to brush those locks a couple of times while they're air-drying. Effort expended: almost zilch (but 1000% more than usual, which is why I'd forgotten about this technique).

Hey, I can be sassy. It's my birthday tomorrow.

The reason for the fancy 'do was a friend's wedding: a loverly ceremony celebrating a power-geek coupling of the highest magnitude. They rock. During the reception, my friend Rose described one of her husband's (ex-) work parties, and how it was so over-the-top geeky that she just had to leave. I looked around at the wedding guests (a healthy mix of high-level programmers and hardcore SCA types) and could only wonder at the party she skipped out on.

Rose also took one look at my hep, ultra-square-toed shoes and declared me a witch. The shoes were obviously chosen to conceal my lack of toes. I thought they were chosen to accommodate my duck feet.

Tomorrow, Iz and I are going to Half Moon Bay for some birthday art-ogling and pumpkin-selecting.

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