Hurricane Squid

Off to Napa Valley, that humorless Disneyland for child-loathing snotheads, to stay with generous KV and her hospitable dad. We will have a child-free dinner at a fabulous restaurant, and will be joined by Seymour's parents. The evening's entertainment will be watching two top-echelon wine lovers (the two dads) face off against each other. Will they be polite, or will they start strutting around each other like oenophile peacocks? Hope they don't start comparing the sizes of their cellars, as KV's dad has one of those mandatory Napa wine caves and Seymour's dad will be pinned in the first 10 seconds. The rest of us get free dinner and lots of wine--excellent fun!

However to get there, and to avoid four hours in the traffic pits of blackest hell, we must leave in 90 minutes. I must organize all of Leelo's supplements and special foods, find Iz's pink devil horns, get clean underwear for everyone--ack! Watch me destroy this house and everyone in it to achieve this goal! WE WILL HAVE FUN OR DIE TRYING!

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