Revving in Neutral

Poor Leelo, he seems to have the same wee hours snot-fountain tendencies as me. He was fine when we put him down and fine when he woke up in the morning, but from about 2 to 4 A.M. he was a miserable little mucus spout.

So I did have coffee this morning. A double shot. Which means that my brain is racing uncontrollably and I've made 15 spazzy phone calls already. Which also means that I spent a good amount of time harassing Ep and Jo to collaborate on a Really Important Article on which I will be the editor and they will get the credit. YOU WILL DO THIS.

The coffee also made it difficult to sit still in the lounge during Leelo's speech therapy session. Tried to concentrate on the book I promised to read for Jo, but it was as though each letter was spinning on its own axis, in different directions and at varying speeds. So, I picked up a magazine on California Living and Architecture, and shook my head at all the ways in which people can spackle money onto their homes in order to impress each other. The other parents in the lounge pretended to ignore me at I laughed openly at the uninhabitable attempts at Louis XIV revival.

There is something about being trapped in a room with other parents of atypical kids. They either put up The Wall (no eye contact, this is usually me) or feel the need to Share Completely "Yes, person I've never met before (and all other involuntary eavesdroppers in this small room), I empathize with your flat tire predicament completely. Of course, when that happened to me I was in the middle of a late-term miscarriage" (?!?!?!)

I do wonder what kind of emotional support these other parents are receiving, especially the ones who wear the rictus grin of I'm Okay or get overly chatty with strangers. I'm so very lucky--I have parents, family, and friends who cut me incredible amounts of slack, and completely support our efforts in whatever crazy theory we're chasing. Maybe eventually some of those lost folks will find this blog or something similar, and feel connected to the world again. I certainly hope so.

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